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Why Rock-Dust? - The Rock-Dust Blog

Farmers! See what you save with Rock Dust !

Because Rock Dust reduces Phosphorous Fixation less traditional fertilisers are required.

Lava Grow suggests that you reduce the amount of traditional fertilisers by half. That is, use less NPK fertilisers with your full application of Rock Dust, then over time reduce to zero. (6 to 9 months)

How do I apply Rock Dust to the soil

Note: Spread Rock Dust evenly around the base of the plant. Rock Dust acts on the soil to help plants grow, hence spreading Rock Dust over the root area is better than focusing all the dust specifically next to the base of the plant or tree.

By hand

Measure the amounts into a bucket or container, then simply spread the dust evenly around the plant base. The dust is fine, so be sure to spread it carefully and not lose it in the wind!

By spreader

Using the spreaders specified spread rate calculate how much dust is spread over a certain distance. On Orchards, Vines, Forestry and broad acre (lawns and crops) use between .5 t/ha and 1 t/ha as the application rate.

Liquid Mix

Rock Dust will hold in solution for up to 72 hours. Using a freeform mixer or other mixing system calculate the irrigation rate and then calculate how much FCRD needs to be added to the irrigation to give a application rate of Rock Dust between .5 t/ha and 1 t/ha.

Harrow, Air Seeder

If you have an agricultural spreader or air seeder with the appropriate system to keep the dust 'viscous'spread the dust at between .5 t/ha and 1 t/ha.



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